Local Content

Ersa reserves a special consideration for indigenous participation to a high level of local content in all projects. To buttress this fact, the company pursues an aggressive training program that draws qualified youth from the local communities. In so doing, the youth will be useful to the community in general and to themselves in particular. To avoid compromising the operational efficiency and technical integrity of our projects, the company has in place realistic objectives that are beneficial to the indigenous population. With these objectives and plans in place, Ersa believes that new standards of indigenous involvement will be set in the construction industry thereby facilitating transfer of technology to locals. In all our projects, Ersa shall embrace the following policy statement, plans and goals.


Local Content Policy / Objectives


Establish meaningful, long-term and sustainable relationships between local companies, engineers, and technicians, and their counterparts in Europe and other western countries for the express purpose of skill, knowledge and technology transfer.


Train construction professionals and specialists to ensure higher levels of local involvement.


Establish a maximum degree of local content practicable in the industry without compromising operational efficiency and technical integrity.


Maximize the potential for project revenues to remain in local. Ensure that cashless policy provides for continuous assessment and improvement in order to ensure safe systems of work, harmonious community relations and zero, negative environmental impact.