Saraylı Petrol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. which is the first and leading company of the Saraylı Group of Companies, was established as an international
oil company in 1970 and has made its name with many large and high-tech international projects since the beginning of its activity.

In 1971, Saraylı Petrol İnşaat ve Ticaret A.Ş. Company entered the construction sector and established Ersa İnşaat Proje Turizm Sanayi ve Ticaret
A.Ş.(ERSA) then carried its activities to the international platforms, with the “Turnkey” projects based on Engineering-Supply-Construction, in many
countries, especially in Ukraine, Greece, Nigeria and Georgia. ERSA has gained a superior position among International Turkish Contractors. In the
1980s, as a result of the position reached, ERSA has directed its international activities to the Russian Federation and CIS countries through its
subsidiaries. In 1991, only one year after the collapse of the Soviet Union, a contract has been awarded to ERSA in Turkmenistan. ERSA was the
one of the first western companies operating in that region at that date. When reached 2000s, Middle Eastern and North African countries in the
field have come into focus for ERSA. During those years ERSA has worked both in Local and International Markets and became Turkey’s leading
superstructure and infrastructure company with many completed project references.

As of 2019, ERSA today performs with its superior technological and administrative infrastructure, leading position in the construction industry,
more than 10,000 technical and administrative personnel, strong machinery-equipment park and financing capabilities, on three continents. ERSA
today has spread to 15 countries all around the World. ERSA was established in Istanbul in 1970 and moved to its new headquarters in 2016, is
the core company of the Saraylı Group, which consists of nearly 10 subsidiaries and partnerships, and has reached the value over 1 Billion Dollars.
With its project portfolio and ongoing project stock exceeding $ 5 Billion, ERSA continues to undertake important projects in almost every branch
of its sector.

ERSA has an important share in the successful completion of large-scale infrastructure and superstructure projects around the world with its
wide expertise. The compliance of the activities of ERSA Construction in its Headquarters and Project Sites according to the requirements of ISO
9001 Quality Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management
System is periodically audited and certified by DakkS and TÜRKAK accreditation companies.

ERSA carries the justified pride of its works full of success and briefly mentioned in this catalog to the future with confident steps with its young
and dynamic spirit that it has not lost since the first day of its establishment.

Our vision is to constantly improve the project delivery associated with us and we further look forward to helping our clients by the way of meeting their commercial goals through equipping and empowering our team. We constantly strive to be on the top and the leading commercial as well as International Construction Firm of Turkey by the way of offering high-quality products and services that could eventually meet up all the expectations of our customers in terms of their expectations, requirements as well as financial values.
Our mission aims at meeting all the needs of our clients as well as business partners in terms of delivery, design as well as optimum pricing of our services. We consider the above listed points as our key factors. We look forward to achieving all our prospective goals and mission with all the fairness, experience, passion, innovation, sustainability as well strong relationships.

We are very proud of meeting all the expectations of our customers and succeeding our graph of progress with each passing year. In order to attain all our goals and objective, we lead a culture of excellence where loyalty, talent, creativity, open communication, educativity as well as integrity are our core values.